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"Snap out of your dreams" for Goodyear Winter Tires
"Nature is here to stay" for Nature Canada
"Forest Frenzy" for Coleman Canada "Timmies vs. Starbucks" For Tim Hortons "Galaxy Gear Fit Launch" For Samsung LinkedIn Posts For The CMPA Algonquin Times Classifieds Section
"The Unloved Pencil" For Crayola This is a colouring book for Crayola to appeal to children. It tells the story of a young child who neglects his red pencil. Drawn and written by me.
"Viral Video Script" For CA Technologies Written in a span of an hour and a half, this is a script for a viral video for CA Technologies. It was written in this time frame as a demonstration of a real world situation where the client needs a piece done ASAP.
"Fritos Script" for fritos box campaign This script was a school project. This script was written to reposition Fritos from their more well-known and accepted attribute of being sold in a bag to their new packaging within a box.
Mariokart App I created this mini-app using Twixl Viewer and InDesign. I have uploaded it in interactive PDF form so that you are able to click and experience what it would work like on an iOS device. *Note: The first page includes a video that does not play in the browser. If you'd like to see it in action on your iOS device, please contact me! Watch for the Pop Culture quizzes I write for!

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